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bill8899 on news Expats in China: How Valuable Are They to Employers? (76 comments)
May 12,2015 00:35

wumao on roids Full Comment>>

bill8899 on news 5 Advantages of Expat Life in China -用户自己要求删除20150514日(19 comments)
May 11,2015 22:22

I very like China. Full Comment>>

I studied Mandarin for six weeks and I'm not fluent! I want my money back! huhuhuhuhu Full Comment>>

bill8899 on news 5 Reasons Why Foreigners Come Work in China (35 comments)
May 07,2015 19:16

Maribel sounds hot. We can practice Chinese together, but I doubt she is real. Full Comment>>

bill8899 on news Fanciest Track Suit Ever? Dongguan Middle School Charges 2180 Yuan for Uniform (11 comments)
May 07,2015 19:11

Awesome in so many ways. Full Comment>>

bill8899 on news Teacher Who Made Her Student Carry Her Umbrella: I Was Wrong To Do So (9 comments)
May 06,2015 18:21

she had bad feel cuz got kot. Full Comment>>

bill8899 on news All 6 Hong Kong Kidnapping Suspects in Custody, Ransom Not Found (9 comments)
May 06,2015 18:20

Can't find the money? Kill them all. Full Comment>>

Always wear a tie. Full Comment>>

bill8899 on news No Running Water for 6 Months at Wuhan University (12 comments)
Apr 30,2015 22:11

bill8899 on news Real Estate Showdown: Beijing Hutongs vs Shanghai Lane Houses(6 comments)
Apr 30,2015 22:04

I cannot decide! Full Comment>>

bill8899 on news Shanghai Auto Show Models Dress as Beggars as Part of Protest (19 comments)
Apr 30,2015 14:42

Not sure why all the hatering on models. Full Comment>>

bill8899 on news Overly Curious Passenger Fined for Inflating Life Jacket Mid-Flight (9 comments)
Apr 29,2015 20:01

200 rmb is not a fine Full Comment>>

bill8899 on news Canadian in Love Searches for Lost Online “Girlfriend” in Shenzhen(43 comments)
Apr 25,2015 13:13

Because it's a con created for guys like him. So it is a con. Not so difficult, is it? Full Comment>>

bill8899 on news Jealous Husband Gets Revenge: Posts Naked Photos of Wife in Shandong Village (10 comments)
Apr 23,2015 19:05

500 rmb fine? Worth it! Full Comment>>

bill8899 on news Sexist Beijing Government Poster Causes Controversy on Weibo(15 comments)
Apr 23,2015 07:54

Outlawed? There are apartment buildings full of Chinese mistresses in Canada. Full Comment>>

bill8899 on news Exploring Netizen Slang: What is a “Green Tea Bitch?”(13 comments)
Apr 22,2015 20:45

Where can I find a girl with bang? I want that kinder grrrl. Full Comment>>

bill8899 on news Successful but Shady Shanghai Website for Fake Designer Goods Busted(11 comments)
Apr 22,2015 20:40

Gosh Mr. Wilson! do they really make fake stuff in China? Full Comment>>

bill8899 on news Granny Bikes Through 5 Countries in 67 Days(3 comments)
Apr 21,2015 23:01

Go Granny, go granny, go granny, go! Parked in her rickety old garage, there's a brand new, shiny red, super stock Dodge! Full Comment>>

bill8899 on news Accidentally Progressive: Chongqing Opens Gender-Neutral Public Toilets(7 comments)
Apr 18,2015 23:37

This seems like a good idea, but not so good for the guys. Full Comment>>

bill8899 on news Wuhan University Spends 4 Million Yuan Building Fake Great Wall (19 comments)
Apr 16,2015 22:26

Infrastructure! Add it to the GDP! Full Comment>>

bill8899 on news It's Getting Ridiculously Expensive to Learn to Drive in China(14 comments)
Apr 14,2015 18:45

This is hilarious. I mean, laugh out loud funny. Same same. Full Comment>>

bill8899 on news No Appeal for Imprisoned Guangxi Human Trafficking Gang(15 comments)
Apr 13,2015 22:25

bill8899 on news Classy Hunan Woman Steals Bag of Cash from One Night Stand's BMW (19 comments)
Apr 13,2015 22:23

See? See what happens? That's why I stopped carrying big bags of cash everywhere. Full Comment>>

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